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Archaic Book of Verses (Versebook)

Archaic Book of Verses

Skills needed:

  • Needed
  • Enticement
  • Peacemaking
  • Cartography
  • Provocation
  • Taste ID
  • Herding
  • Begging

Name: Used in the verse book for display

Mana: Cost of mana per loop

Difficulty: Difficulty of playing the verse

UseSkill: Skills required to play the verse, measures against difficulty

Element: Elements to determine damage on, everything is ele based. needed for prots

Prosaic Verses

  • Verse 1

Name: Sonic Disturbance

Mana use: 4

Difficulty: 75

Use Skill: Enticement

Element: Air

Description: Emits an ear piercing sound wave. While the damage isn't high, the verse is a simple one to master

  • Verse 2

Name: Lesser Healing

Mana use: 4

Difficulty: 75

Use Skill: Peacemaking

Description: Lightly heals nearby friends. Useful for helping the lightly wounded without a high mana consumption.

  • Verse 3

Name: Shadows

Mana use: 5

Difficulty: 80

Use Skill: Cartography

Description: All nearby friends are instantly cast into the shadows. Nothing can be seen, but music is always heard...

  • Verse 4

Name: Corpse Distention

Mana use: 5

Difficulty: 80

Use Skill: Provocation

Element: Air, Necro

Description: Increases the pressure inside nearby corpses. The result is messy, and in certain situations, very deadly."

  • Verse 5

Name: Spirit Flock

Mana use: 8

Difficulty: 85

Use Skill: Herding, Enticement

Description: Summons a flock of spirit goats. Protective of their master, the goats flock together to attack their enemies.

Prevalent Verses

  • Verse 6

Name: Dragon Skin

Mana use: 5

Difficulty: 90

Use Skill: Begging, Peacemaking

Description: Strengthens nearby allies skin with the strength of dragon skin. Enabling them to sustain greater physical damage.

  • Verse 7

Name: Life Balance

Mana use: 3

Difficulty: 90

Use Skill: Taste ID, Begging

Description: Evenly balances all nearby allies health between them. A very effective verse at keeping everyone in the group alive.

  • Verse 8

Name: Bardic Boulders

Mana use: 12

Difficulty: 95

Use Skill: Cartography, Provocation

Element: Physical, Earth

Description: Summons a boulder to be dropped on a targets head, very painfull. The first verse allowing selective targetting.

  • Verse 9

Name: Beastal Bond

Mana use: 15

Difficulty: 95

Use Skill: Peacemaking, Herding

Description: Creates a bond between the bard and the beast. The beast acts as a 'spy' of sorts for the bard.

  • Verse 10

Name: The lost Verse

Mana use: 20

Difficulty: 100

Use Skill: Taste ID, Enticement, Provocation

Description: This verse hasn't been created yet. The below fellow is someone who has been waiting for it...