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Need to Buy, Sell, Trade or Advertise?
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Main Rules:

T 1.1 - DO NOT use Buy/Sell/Trade post to discuss anything other than buying, selling, or trading.
T 1.2 - DO NOT use another account to deceive players in the buy/sell/trade in any way.
T 2.1 - When using the trade forums, unlike most other areas the creator of a thread dictates the rules for his post. Respect the requests of the thread creator along with the forum rules. When creating a thread make sure to be clear about the post, and expectations of posters.

General Suggestions
When possible always select an icon for your post to help players identify the purpose of the post or use the abbreviations:
[WTB] = Want to buy
[WTS] = Want to sell
[WTT] = Want to trade
Image 1000 iron ingots
[WTS] Full Spellbook

Include a clear description of the purpose in the title of the post.
When selling an item include all relevant expectations for posters, such as the following
  • Starting Bid
  • Auction/Direct Sale
  • Clear Duration
  • Bid Increments
  • Reserve
  • Alternative items/currencies accepted and the value of such.
  • Extensive information on the item being sold.
  • Are private offers accepted.
When offering to buy an item, be clear about what you are looking to purchase and how much you are willing to pay, if applicable.
When selling something include screenshots whenever possible.
Post clear and concise rules for your thread if you are sensitive to the comments of other players. If you cannot tolerate the commentary related to your sale from other trade forum users. Then post clearly that you are only looking for bids on your items. If you fail to post guidelines for your trade post, the staff will only address violations as indicated on the forum rules.
Players will be warned privately regarding any conduct that violates the above posted rules. Multiple violations or ignoring warnings from the staff/moderators can result in your ability to post in the trade forum being removed.
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